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We first clarify your central areas of concern and current struggles. Then we focus on understanding patterns that are causing difficulty. Identity and relational issues are usually rooted in childhood and manifest in all areas of life. Deeper awareness of truth will set you free to progress in your journey of healing and growth. 


My approach is holistic, in that I consider integration of  body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Conventional psychotropic medication can be extremely helpful for mood, anxiety, attention, or psychotic symptoms. I always seek to prescribe the minimal effective dose in order to maximize your mental clarity and minimize side effects.


Through personal experience and professional study, I have become a believer in this art and science of using minute amounts of carefully selected natural remedies to stimulate your body’s own healing power. The homeopathic approach recognizes that symptoms arise from the attempt of your life force to heal a deeper imbalance that is impairing your health.




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